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Medical Tourism in India  

Medical Tourism is a speedily developing concept in India, through which several people from all over the world come to India for healing from their medical and relaxation problems. Some of the common treatment among the travelers is the heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental care. The country's is a favorable destination due to its growing infrastructure and technology. The country possesses some of the finest hospitals and treatment centers of the world. The concept of Medical Tourism is derived from medication with the combination of tourism.

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism can be defined as the process of cost effective private medical treatment in association with tourism industry, for the patients requiring specialized treatment. The process is made possible with the help of corporate sector involvement in medical care and the tourism industry including both private as well as public tourism industry.

This form of tourism has become a well-known form of vacationing and includes a wider spectrum of medical services. It combines leisure, fun as well as relaxation together along with wellness and healthcare.

The main concept of the health or medical tourism is to provide an opportunity to stay in all together different environment and enjoy the relaxing surrounding of the visited places. The tourism can get the orientation to help you in improving your health and general well being. It is a kind of a rejuvenation process, which is helpful in cleaning all the levels of patients including physical, mental and emotional.

People from developed countries of the world visit India for the rejuvenation through various yogic postures and ayurvedic massages. Some of them consider it is a right destination for replacement of hip or brain surgery. The fine mixture of high class medical expertise and reasonable rates is the major reason of increasing foreign patients to Indian corporate hospitals, including the patients from the well-developed countries of the world like UK and the US.

In spite of large number of medical tourist in India, the country lags far behind the Asian countries of Thailand and Singapore, which have good hospitals, healthy climate and plentiful tourist destinations.

But, the experts suggest that the medical tourist in India is going to change drastically in the upcoming years, due to high quality medical professionals, rapidly improving medical equipments and nursing amenities, and above all the reduced cost and cheap packages.

Famous Hospitals in India

India provides top-class healthcare facilities at considerably low cost as compared to the cost of other developed countries. There is not much of a difference in the technology and skills of practitioner of India, which makes it further more competent.

Some of the famous hospitals, which are renowned for their specialist services in India, are as under:

Medical Tourism Packages available for India

There are large numbers of Medical Packages in India available to suit your needs. The suitability of any medical package depends on the past and current condition of the patient.

Few of the famous medical packages are as under:

Why India for Medical Tourism?

India is one of the fastest growing countries of the world. All sectors in the country are growing reasonably quickly. However, hospitality and healthcare developments is growing at the rate of knots and has led to vast increase in the medical tourism in the country.

The country is well equipped with all modular technologies and expert doctors. It has all the attributes of becoming preferred healthcare destination among the travelers all across the globe. Growing urbanization, better demographics and health consciousness and higher life expectancy has improved the demand for superior healthcare in India.

In spite of the regular initiatives by Indian government run public sector, the development in the healthcare facilities was not there, which has lead to the entry of private sector into the business. The advent of Private hospitals has brought more capital and better technology, which has ensured better lifestyle and healthcare facilities.

The customs duties on life saving medical apparatus, excise on certain serious drugs and elimination of duty on imported drugs have been reduced drastically in the country. Lower interest is provided to the private sector hospitals, which have more than 100 beds, will certainly improve access to low cost funding for hospitals.

The future of this sector looks extremely bright and promising. Both Government as well as the private sector enterprises is amalgamating to boost the healthcare sector of India.

Quality Health Care at low rates

Welcome to the all-new world of India medical tourism and treatment in India. The country is just a perfect place for any kind of medical treatment or any other health problem. Every year, the country accommodates thousands of medical tourism tourists.

India is giving a strong competition to Thailand in healthcare services. The cost of surgery in India is the cheapest in the entire Southeast Asia. Medical tourism in India is increasing immensely due to the involvement of low cost and quality health care technologies.

India Medical Tourism Packages - Health Treatment in India

The medical tourism market of India is all set to grow around Rs. 11,000 crore within the next couple of years. Medical treatment in USA or Thailand is much more costlier than India.

Cardiac Surgery, Bone Mone Marrow transplant, Liver transplant, orthopedic surgery are some of the common treatments that cost 30% less than any other country of the world. Go for medical tourism in India to get yourself quality treatment at affordable rates.

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